Running workshops brings me so much joy - I absolutely love being able to reach more people at once and the environment is always super high vibe!!! In 2019 I ran my first Wellness Workshop in Christchurch followed by my Mind, Body & Soul Workshop in Dunedin. I also ran a workshop for Girl Guiding NZ Rangers whilst they were on a Leadership Camp which was awesome! If you're interested on any upcoming workshops I have, take a look below, and if you'd like some more info on having me run a workshop for a group of girls (could be a school group, sports team or even just a group of mates), get in touch via my contact page xx


Confidence & All Things Self Lovin'
: Enquire via my contact page to book a time
Where: 5 Blairdon Place - The Coaching Studio
What: Channel your inner salsa girl emoji in this hour-long, private, workshop designed to discover the fierce young woman that you truly are. Too many days are wasted comparing ourselves to others and wishing to be something that we aren't. Time to cut that crap! We'll talk all things confidence & self-love related; with a special focus on body image.  Throughout the hour we'll work on heaps of personal activities to help you unlock your magic. Come with an open mind and be ready to hit yourself with some truth bombs.
This workshop is different to my previous ones as this one is just you and me - in fact, its really just a one off private session except we focus on confidence and self love. It's a great idea to book this workshop if you have exams coming up, sick of comparing yourself to other, or most importantly - if you need a boost in life!
Price: $25. I've decided to make this one on one workshop super affordable so that no one feels like they have to miss out. Often private sessions like this can be getting into the 100's of dollars so take this $25 opportunity while you can girl!

Bridging The Divide Weekend Workshop
For this workshop I've teamed up with another teen life coach - Nancy Barclay. With Nancy's experience and my relatability, we're the ultimate duo for our Bridging The Divide Weekend Workshop. You might think that this workshop is only for mums and daughters with a shaky relationship but I can assure you that you'll get just as much out of it if your relationship is stronger than ever or you're more like besties rather than mum/daughter. This workshop also suits teens or mums coming solo!
Across the two days you will uncover your true needs, find acceptance for yourself and others, learn how to level up in all aspects of your life, and love your whole-self.
The workshop will run from 10am-3pm on a Saturday and a Sunday and we'll break for lunch at around 12pm both days.
If you want to read more about Nancy and I, you can read an article about us in the latest issue of Christchurch's Cityscape magazine. If you can't get your hands on a hardcopy, here's the link to the online copy (check out page 26):

Please enquire about the date of the next Bridging The Divide Weekend Workshop