“As a teenage girl, trying to talk to doctors and counsellors that are a lot older can be incredibly difficult. No matter how experienced they are, you can’t help but feel intimidated and like they can’t really relate to your situation. Nenah was relatable in ways I can’t put into words. She listened through the most understanding lens and provided phenomenal advice simply due to her expansive knowledge and relatability. I would leave her sessions feeling the calmest I would feel all week. Whilst it took a few weeks to fully immerse myself in the process – by the end of it, I honestly had a new outlook towards life. In lack of better words, Nenah and her life coaching has changed my life for the better. Even my friends have commented on my calmer, more productive mindset. I feel more organised, on top of the aspects in my life that were struggling and most importantly, happier.” Georgia – Age 18

"For years I had been struggling with body image, it had been ingrained in my brain for 10 years as an elite gymnast that I was never skinny enough. Because my brain had been wired this way, I didn’t think it would be possible for me to love my body without being super skinny, skinnier than I needed to be. Within the space of 2 months of life coaching with Nenah, I felt the most confident I had been since I was 7 years old. It’s all because of the incredible sessions I had with Nenah that completely changed my view on body image. I honestly just feel so much happier in general; I can’t put into words how much Nenah changed my life.” Millie – Age 19

"I hit a point in school where I hugely lacked any motivation and didn’t really want to be there. I wasn’t listening in class and I was wasting a lot of time in school and outside of school purely because I had no idea what I wanted in my life. I was really lost but after working with Nenah I got a new perspective on everything. I suddenly felt like I had a purpose and I was filling my time outside of school with stuff I genuinely liked doing instead of sitting around. I didn’t realise I could be so happy, it’s actually unreal when I think about it. I can’t thank Nenah enough.” Sarah – Age 16

"Before I came to Nenah I was a mess. I didn't realise it at first but now I can see how much my life was ruled by over-thinking. Now, after only two months, I can do things I enjoy. I realised that not everything needed to be perfect. I would always look forward to sessions. The help I received from Nenah changed me so much and I have never been prouder of myself." Ava – Age 13