Life Coaching

What is does a Life Coach do?
Literally just that, a Life Coach coaches you through your life. It is the same deal as having a netball coach. Their job is to give you the skills and encouragement to be the best you can be at netball. The difference with a life coach is that you won’t be receiving netball tips, you’ll be gaining lifelong skills for all areas of your life. Often a coaching client has goals that they want to achieve or is stuck trying to come up with goals in the first place. That’s where the life coach steps in to help! Life Coaching targets all areas of your life; family, school, work, and social life to name a few. The primary idea behind receiving life coaching is to gain help and motivate you to implement positive change in areas of your life. These will morph into the skills that you need in order to achieve your goals and live your best life.

What makes Nenah’s Life Coaching different?
My practice is solely for teenage girls. The reasoning behind this is that there are countless girls struggling in silence and not getting the support that they need and deserve! Every teen should have a life coach so that they can avoid unnecessary stresses and live a happy, balanced life. It’s distressing that this support is not readily available to teenagers within our society today and these problems, if not managed early, will progressively get worse with age.
Life Coaching practices often specialise in certain areas (such as business or even religion) and there is a huge lack of Life Coaches for teenage girls in New Zealand! Nenah’s Life Coaching is run by me – Nenah, a qualified,  20yr-old, so I am able to relate to my clients better than any other coach could. This is what sets my business apart.
Nenah’s Life Coaching offers one on one sessions but also group sessions/workshops. Compared to normal life coaching practices, this one is cheaper creating accessibility for my clients. My practice is also different from others as I check in with you almost daily to constantly motivate you to ensure you get the most out of being coached.

How much does it cost and how do I pay?
Nenah’s Life Coaching is very affordable compared to other Life Coaching businesses. This is due to the lack of appreciation for Life Coaching teenagers. It is an extremely new concept, particularly here in New Zealand, where I am based. I offer a range of services such as; local workshops, private sessions, group sessions and guest coaching. You can find the cost and payment plans for private sessions under 1:1 Coaching. The cost of other services will be dependent on attendees and location.

About me

I’m Nenah Milne, a 20-year-old girl, born and raised in Christchurch. I decided to become a Life Coach when I was 17 after hearing a speech in high school by a lady who was a Life Coach. Prior to that speech, I had had no idea that it could be a legitimate and fulfilling career path. Once her speech was finished, one of my friends said something along the lines of; “Nenah how good would you be at that job, holy crap!?”. Shout out to that friend because it really did resonate with me.

I went home that night and told my Gran that I myself wanted to be a Life Coach and what I hoped and thought I would get out of it. I waited a week or two before suggesting the idea to my parents who, to my surprise, were also on board with the idea. Not long after that yarn, I started working towards my Life Coaching diploma whilst still in high school. I had a vision that I needed to get cracking on!

So why did I want to be a Life Coach so badly? To put it simply, my teenage years ruined me. Classic dramatic teen talk but that’s really what it felt like. I was diagnosed with anxiety at age eight and had been able to manage it fairly well until around age 14. As I stumbled (again, dramatic I know) my way through high school, I became a very mentally unhappy person. I was in and out of doctors offices, having tests for everything and anything whilst they tried to figure out why my body hated me. Every day I was dealing with cramps, constipation, diarrhoea, bloating, food intolerances/sensitivities, significant weight loss as well as loss of appetite, and needed help ASAP!

It took one session at a Naturopath to learn that the MRI’s, ultrasounds, pills and diets I had been trying were complete rubbish. My gut health was so stink because my brain wasn’t healthy. Simple. Choose to believe it or not but there is so much research about the gut/brain connection now that you would be silly to think they didn’t impact each other. The pressure I put on myself as well as expectations from others were crazy, which I know is the case for so many other teenagers. I had lost all balance in my life, and in my last year of high school struggled to find the motivation to achieve highly as a consequence of pushing myself so hard the year before.

Fresh out of high school I was working 45 hours a week in a job I hated purely because I knew there was no way I was going to University. I had battled all through high school and figured I should be doing something with my life. This pushed Life Coaching into the background for a few months before I finally said “Cya Christchurch” and headed to Sydney to be a nanny for just over five months.

Being a Nanny, living away from home and knowing only one person in Sydney proved to be a very challenging but extremely eye-opening and rewarding experience. Whilst in Sydney I completed my diploma, and my vision suddenly became clear. Because of this (after a lot of debating with myself), I decided it was time to boost it home and get stuck in with my business. It was extremely hard to leave such a beautiful city and children behind, but I now know it was the best decision to carry on with my journey.

Since being back in Christchurch, Nenah’s Life Coaching For Teenage Girls has been born and is currently where I am at. I want to continue coaching girls so that they have the skills to not only be able to live their best lives, achieve their biggest goals and stay motivated, but have balance in all areas of their lives. Girls don’t have to live with the stress and pressures that have become so ingrained in our everyday lives!

Yes, I am qualified to coach all ages and genders but I want to be as relatable as possible to my clients, hence “for teenage girls”. I know from experience that talking to a 52-year-old dude about your ‘problems’, when you’re a 15-year-old girl is not actually all that helpful. I take a holistic approach to my coaching, and despite not being a doctor, therapist or nutritionist, have a great deal of knowledge on health and wellbeing that can only grow as I continue to study. If you have any questions about my practice please do not hesitate to flick me a message!

Nenah x