Welcome chickie! For whatever reason you've been drawn to this page. You’ve taken the first step to showing
up for yourself and you should be bloody proud of that. Are you ready to take it further?

Have a read, take your time and please do not hesitate to ask any questions. I can't wait
to hear from all you aligned beauties.

As a teen there were so many times when I felt like my friends and family couldn't understand me. Even counsellors weren't quite understanding it all. I wasn't even sure if I was understanding myself! It all changed when I started being coached. Maybe it can all change for you too.


1:1 sessions are held either in person (if you're located in Christchurch) or via Zoom - a free platform to video call that I find wayyyy more reliable than Skype or Facetime. BUT there's so much more to coaching than just our 1:1 sessions!

I only coach 5 private clients at a time

If you're feeling aligned, don't miss out on this opportunity! (I won't have availability for new clients until January 2021 so inquire now to get in early next year).

How do I choose a coach?

All coaches are different, meaning that our work is different! This is for a number of reasons including our personality, the way we see the world and our unique experiences. The best advice I could give you when choosing your coach is to find one who is aligned with your vibe (or the vibe you want to have). Don't be scared to get to know them first -seriously. Find one who has created a life, or experienced things in life that you’re wanting in your own life. That’s how I choose the coaches I work with. I know that everyone can benefit from investing in a coach, myself included.

As I mentioned above, you’ll know if a coach is going to be right for you. If you’re not quite ready to go off my initial vibe or ask questions, here’s a bit more info about me.  I've been coaching teens for over a full year now, starting at age 18. Yep, I'm only 20 which means I can relate to you better than any other life coach out there! I'm NZIBS (New Zealand Institute of Business) certified after completing my Diploma in Life Coaching in 2018. But more importantly than all that, I am human. I'm a human that's had a crap load of experiences which have shaped my mindset, my life and my coaching style. Here’s a few, how many can you relate to?

I’ve also had a crap load of fulfilling and positive experiences in my life that have just been as important in making me who I am today! I invest in my personal, professional and spiritual development regularly and have worked with my own coaches who have hugely helped me in all areas of my life. You best believe that I'll continue to have coaching and have many more 'ah haa' moments, growth, and be ready for whatever life sends my way.

My coaching package is significantly cheaper than basically all other coaching packages you'll come across and this isn't because it's valued less! It's because I know what it's like to be a poor teenager. I know that not all parents are going to want to invest in coaching for their kids, especially here in NZ where hardly anyone knows about Life Coaching! My goal is to make an impact while making a living, and it would be hard to make an impact if my services couldn't be utilised, purely because of the cost.

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